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anthony ko, gm

Anthony Ko comes to MessHall with over 20 years of experience in the Restaurant Industry.  A Los Angeles native, Anthony began his restaurant career at the early age of 16 working the counter at Bakkers Cookies at his local mall.  He became assistant manager 1 year later and knew that he had a knack for the restaurant business.  At 18, Anthony left his native Los Angeles for New York City to attend NYU.  He started working as a server at Pamela’s Cantina in NYC to put himself through NYU, where he graduated with a B.S. in marketing.  After graduating and finding a job in the music industry, Anthony couldn’t leave Pamela’s.  He was doing double duty at his “day” job at Atlantic Records while managing Pamela’s bar at night.  With over 12 years at Pamela’s he was progressively promoted to assistant manager, manager/bartender, and finally consultant for restaurant operations and event planning.  Wanting a change, Ko later moved back to Los Angeles, where he was a manager at Louise’s Trattoria Los Feliz in 2007.  In 2008 he became a manager at Real Food Daily, and he was the restaurant’s general manager from 2009 to early 2012.




After giving up his dream of joining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Austin found himself studying Economics at UC Santa Cruz. Once school ended however, he felt the call of the bar world, in which he has now amassed over a decade of experience. After a few years he came back to his Southern Californian roots where he hopped around from bar to bar until falling under the tutelage of Julian Cox, one of LA's premiere bar directors, and taking a position at the bar of Rivera, Downtown. In 2014 Austin made his way over to Messhall where he found the program and atmosphere to be a perfect fit and has remained ever since. A flair for movies, comics, and random bits of pop culture have bled into the bar program where you might find cocktails referencing classic 80's movies, British wizarding beverages, or our own intrepid clientele. He also likes pizza, caffeine, and long walks on cold days.