Jim Tate IV - Executive Chef

courtneyChef Jim started his long and sometimes painful career path at the age of 12, learning alongside his Grandfather in his catering business. He began getting paid at the tender age of 14 as a dishwasher at Uncle Earnie's Pizza 4 U in Chatsworth, CA. It wasn't until he ran away to New Orleans that a job became a passion. Working in several notable kitchens throughout the NOLA area, Jim began to develop and cultivate his palate and technique. Not having attended culinary school, he opted to work 2-3 jobs at a time and go to the "School of Hard Knocks". Upon returning home from New Orleans; Jim began working at Chez Melange in Redondo Beach along side Chef/Mentor Robert Bell. Having successfully run the three concept unit for over 9 years, Jim decided a change was in order. Shortly after its opening in 2012, he joined Messhall Kitchen where he remained for the next three years, shaping the foundation of the new Los Feliz hot spot. In 2015 he left to pursue an opportunity at Parkers' Lighthouse & Queensview Steakhouse; a duel unit boutique concept in Long Beach, CA. While an oceanfront office, a seasoned crew, and a view of the Queen Mary was a wonderful experience, Los Feliz kept calling his name.

Jim is very excited to be back at the helm at Messhall, and is ready to drop a flavor bomb on the neighborhood.

Carolyn Bugbee - Service Manager

courtneyCarolyn's humble restaurant origins began in her Aunt's cupcake shop in Upstate New York. From there, she worked her way through Marist College as a busser, host, and barback at the Gilded Otter brewpub in New Paltz, NY, earning herself both invaluable restaurant experience and an English degree. After graduating, Carolyn migrated west and put her talents to use at Town in Carbondale, CO, eventually becoming a manager under restaurateur Lari Goode and notable chef, Mark Fischer. At Town, Carolyn cultivated a passion for providing the Roaring Fork Valley with locally sourced and sustainably farmed food through tasting events and community involvement. In search of new experiences, Carolyn transplanted to LA and quickly found herself fostered into the community of Messhall Kitchen. Other than a brief campaign into the Downtown LA Row District to open Rappahannock Oyster Bar, Carolyn has been a fixture of Messhall since her time in Los Angeles, and relishes in the opportunity to nourish the sense of community in Los Feliz.

In her free time, Carolyn can be found training to be a future cat lady at home with Cat and Gwen, or taking in a movie with her beau at the local cinema.

Emma Curtis - Bar Director

courtneyEmma Curtis, an Asheville North Carolina native, moved to Los Angeles several years ago after graduating from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Kingston University in London, England. A "Jack of all trades and Master of none" she is a classically trained stage actress and singer. Her passion for the bar world came through studying under Messhall’s former Bar Director Austen Tre Mendez (trained by Julian Cox), and she is our very own homegrown talent. Emma draws on her knowledge of horticulture, design, and storytelling to create a unique journey with each cocktail.

Emma's drink of choice? Either an Aperol Spritz or a Mezcal Negroni.

Nate Gutierrez - Sous Chef

courtneyA southern California native, Nate joins the Messhall crew after leading the kitchen at Abigaile restaurant in Hermosa Beach. While working his way through every back of house position under multiple established chefs over the years, he credits his success to his focused and tenacious work ethic. Nate's dedication carries over from restaurant to home life, where he is a certified EMT and a devoted father to two young girls. He strongly believes in leading by example both in and out of the kitchen and jumps at every opportunity to hone in on his skills. While Nate's training has taken him through multiple styles of cuisine, from intricate creations to banquet events, his passion lies in creating explosively flavorful street food and experimenting with both local and worldly ingredients.

Gabi Hankins -marketing & events coordinator

courtneyAfter studying film and advertising in college, Gabi has found balance between her busy acting career and passion for food and culture as our Social Media Manager. A talented photographer and artist, Gabi's work can be on our instagram page, in house graphic design, and on chalkboards around the city. An LA native, Gabi is a die hard Dodger's fan and can be found splitting sides at the Comedy Store.